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ANESA Non-invasive blood test

Dr. Antal Géza

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm



Fee: 10.000.- Ft



Human organism is an open three-dimensional biosensor system that perceives any changes in the atmosphere by photo-, chemo-, baro- and osmoreceptors, processes the received information and transmits it through the mediator system to executive organs where acetylcholine, noradrenalin, serotonin and dopamine work as mediators. The later determine the rate of transfer of an amount of substance from one area in the space to another one. This process is called mass transfer. A method was developed based on the kinetic laws of mass transfer and functioning of receptor and mediator and on molecular kinetic exponential relationship between the response rate and temperature and transformation of temperature into radiation energy. This method is based on the connection of an organism and the environment by interaction of the enzymatic hormonal system and the hemopoietic system. It is grounded on the postulate brought in 1979 by Galzinge and Mauzuli about the relationship between physical parameters of the mediator molecules, such as dipole moment, molar refraction, and their exciting or retarding properties with respect to the course of biochemical reactions. The study of important neurochemical mechanisms in real time scale became possible from the moment when those processes were investigated with the use of hardware-and-software package for noninvasive examination of regulatory homeostasis mechanisms.

Non-invasive hemogram analyzer ANESA

Non-invasive hemogram analyzer allows making a complex test of the state of patient's organism during 3-12 minutes.

It determines 131 biochemical, hemodynamic and immunological parameters of an organism such as blood formula (hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes etc.), electrolyte metabolism (level of Ca, Mg, Na, K etc.), the system of blood coagulation, enzyme system (ALT, AST, amylase, bilirubin) as well as blood glucose, cholesterol, lipoproteins.. The measuring is made with 5 microprocessors; they are put on the patient's body.

ANESA corresponds portable, compact, noninvasive biochemical laboratory. So, later a doctor can make complex express-analysis of all patient's organism.

ANESA analyzer allows carry out prophylactic medical examination for a lot of people very quickly, without considerable expenses. Besides all findings will be saved in database for further statistical treatment.

Noninvasive hemogram analyzer ANESA has no analogs in the world.


How does the ANESA Hemogram analyzer work?

Function of the ANESA analyzer is based on interrelation of work of the blood circulation system of insides with heat of chemical reaction of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon. Changes of temperature determine the activity of chemical elements through interrelation of Nitrogen compounds and Hydrogen bounding furthermore, through interrelation of Oxygen melting factor changes.

The goal of the examinations is determination of changes in composition of blood shaped elements and during the end of chemical reactions that have interconnects with Oxygen consumption and Carbon dioxide exhaust regulated by organism, having influence to level of protein and lipids in cell membranes.

Taking into consideration, that the AMP analyzer measures the temperature through optic sensors, there is no any influence to the patients' organism.


How is ANESA Hemogram analyzer session given?

Principle of function of the ANESA non-invasive blood test and metabolite analyzer is based on measurement of temperature of biologically active "reference" point of the human body which data loaded, to PC from keyboard is then processed there.

Device has five sensors, which are to be placed onto so-called biologically active points of patients' body.

Bioactive or so-called reference-points used during examination, are following:

1. Bifurcation of the right and left neck artery (two points)
2. Right and left armpit (two points)
3. Umbilical area (one point)

Prior to examination, the five sensors are to be placed onto patient, and the personal data of him, and breath rate, pulse rate are to be loaded to PC from the keyboard. Then the data collection and calculation software starts. Analyzer processes signals coming from sensors placed on body of the patient, converts these signals to digital form and passes them to the PC.


What are benefits of non-invasive hemogram analyzer ANESA?

Non-invasive hemogram analyzer ANESA allows to estimate the state of organism from the position of its functional, hemodynamic equilibration, water metabolism and gas homeostasis, that are connect with fermentative and immunological correction;

To define a predisposition to diseases of central nervous system, cardiovascular system, internal, locomotor apparatus, circulation of the blood, metabolism and other pathology.

For the central nervous system complex determines:

  • blood supply of cerebrum - sufficient or insufficient;
  • state of cerebrum arteries - spasm or dilatation;
  • state of cerebrum venules- spasm or dilatation;
  • signs of venous outflow violation of cerebrum;
  • state of third ventricle of the brain (size);
  • size of cerebroventricular indices;
  • pressure of spinal liquid;
  • on the base of K, Na, Ca, Mg content estimation in the blood - determines neuromuscular conduction, susceptibility to spasm, muscular weakness, cramps.


For cardiovascular system complex diagnoses:

  • coronarocardiosclerosis;
  • violation of blood circulation of myocardium;
  • lowering of the cardiac ejection size;
  • rising of the cardiac ejection size;
  • arrhythmia, temporary parameters of cardiac cycle;
  • type of circulation of the blood: hyperkinetic, normorkinetic, hypokinetic.


For the lungs complex defines:

  • dynamic vital capaciousness of the lungs;
  • residual capaciousness of the lungs;
  • chronic bronchitis, chronic tracheobronchitis with the asthmatic component;
  • chronic, inflammatory pneumonia;
  • elasticity of the lungs;
  • pulmonary stream of the blood.


For the liver complex determines:

  • hepatic stream of the blood;
  • hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis.


For the kidneys complex allows to diagnose:

  • violation of filtration;
  • violation of resorption;
  • chronic nephritis;
  • gloumeronephritis;
  • pilonephritis.


Predicating upon indices of water metabolism complex defines:

  • type of disorder of aqueous-electrolyte metabolism- prerequisite of osteochondrosis;
  • mixed forms of dyskinesia;
  • post-cellular hypohydradacia;
  • cellular hyperhydradacia;
  • cellular hypohydradacia.


When determining the activity of ferments and analyzing dynamic, hemodynamic equilibration, aqueous-electrolytic metabolism and gas homeostasis, complex allows:

  • To estimate the compensatory abilities of organism.
  • To determine the presence or absence of tendency to the development of chronic diseases of one's organism organs and systems.
  • To choose the coincident type of physiotherapy or information methods of treatment. To prescribe an adequate therapy, acupuncture or other treatment, taking into account etiology and pathogenesis of sickness.


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