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Health Tourism
Health screening during your vacation!
Health Tourism is a new service of Naturmed Health Center.
Health status assessment and screening programs, recreational package.
Health tourism may seem a new concept, but it's well known since the antiquity. Its main objective is prevention and the treatment of existing diseases.
In recent years various forms of health tourism have taken an increasingly important role in tourism around the world, and this trend will be more and more important in the offers of Central and Eastern European countries' tourism .
High quality, accessible and reliable health service together with services of tourism can be dominant elements of the palette of Hungarian tourism.
The use of mineral and thermal waters is not new in our country, Hungarian mineral and thermal water had a good reputation already in the nineteenth century all around the world. We exported it to Europe, Asia and America.
A large part of the Hungarian population is known as careless to their health and see their doctors too late, valuing their health only when they are ill. Recognizing this problem claims the need of health screening programs, which might call attention to the importance of prevention and can cause positive changes in people's attitude towards health.
The screening program is a great opportunity for all to pay more attention to their health. Bringing health-care in focus helps to raise consciousness about the health status of the Hungarian population
The NaturMed Medical Center's statistics showed that the high pace of work, mental load, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are responsible for the occurrence of diseases that can be discovered only by regular screenings.
With our comprehensive screening program, we can find the diseases appearing with no symptoms without our patients having to go to hospital. Our specialists make a proposition for further examinations and treatments based on the current health status of our patients so that the above mentioned examinations and treatments can in part be performed in our Medical Center or we can assure the hospital background services.
The high qualifications and personalized attention of our doctors and specialists guarantee our clients a pleasant stay.
Prevention has a very important role in our medical service.
This is what Naturmed Health Centre has set as a goal considering it an important task. Therefore, hospitality providers worked together with us to develop our status packages, which contain health screening, transportation to the site of the screening test , accommodation and half board services
Sparkling carbonic medical water is available for you for free during your whole stay.
The Health Center NaturMed offers the opportunity of screening on the spot.
(In case of a sufficient number of candidates !)
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Saturday: from 8 am
screenings in the Balatonfüred NaturMed Health Center

Health screening includes:
1. An internal medical examination
Medical history, physical examination, blood pressure check, BMI (body mass index calculation).
The internist summarizes his/her opinion based on the findings and gives his/her recommendation regarding medical, dietary and lifestyle changes. 
counselling is an integral part of our preventive and screening activities.
2. 12-lead resting ECG
The ECG is a cardiac instrumentation for testing our heart. The ECG is evaluated by the physician-cardiologist.
In case of any divergence, if necessary, further investigation is provided in a hospital environment.
3. Full-scale laboratory tests AMP Non-invasive (no blood test, pain-free blood analysis)
Blood count (Htc hgb.. WBC. RBC. MCV). ESR, blood sugar, heart attack risk factors, lipid metabolism(Cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides), ionogramm (Na, K, Cl), uric acid, liver function (SGOT,SGPT, gamma GT), and renal function (creatinine, carbamide), lipid metabolism, other metabolic disease screening), complete blood count, sedimentation rate, liver function, kidneyfunction, blood sugar, cholesterol examination.

4. Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound screening
The abdominal cavity (liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, spleen), and pelvic organs (bladder, uterus in women, ovaries, the prostate in men) can be represented in the study.
5. Thyroid ultrasonography
A focused investigation of the thyroid gland. The investigation of the fine structure of glands to detect nodules, cysts, inflammation, foreclosure and the determination of blood flow occurs during the test. In addition, the cervical soft tissues, lymph nodes and
differences in salivary glands may be detected during the investigation.
6. For women: Gynecology:
cytology (cancer screening), colposcopy (without testing), manual breast examination.

    For men: Testicular ultrasound



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