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NaturMed Egészségügyi Centrum | 8230. Balatonfüred Kossuth u. 28

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A balatonfüredi Egészségügyi Centrum megközelítése Elérhetőség, Útvonaltervezés

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Welcome to the Balatonfüred NaturMed Health Center website!

NaturMed is an officially Registered  Private Healthcare Centre in Balatonfüred. 
We are an outpatient clinic that offers a multitude of specialties and with a team that is entrepreneurial, result-oriented and professional.  We put your needs first.  This is expressed in the professional, respectful and people-oriented attitude of our team.
Hungarian is our main spoken language, but German, French, Russian and Spanish are also fluently spoken by at least one of our doctors.

Both expats living permanently in the Balaton region and short-term visitors are warmly welcome at our Clinic.
Because of its central location, our clinic is easily accessible for everyone.
The primary task of NaturMed Health Center is to provide high-quality medical and nursing care. We believe it is important that your care is organized effectively and efficiently with as little waiting time as possible, even in the case of diagnostic studies.
At NaturMed Health Center you can find Consultants, therapists, GP’s with decades of experience in various specialities.

The NaturMed Health Center understands the entity of body, mind and spirit in a most holistic approach.    Our current services include General Practitioner, Medical Specialists (Consultant Physician, Skin Specialist, Gynaecologist, Urologist, Cardiologist), Non-surgical treatments (Haemorrhoids & Varicose Veins);  Surgeons (General/Vascular, Laser Surgery); Video Endoscopy (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy);  Allied Health Professionals and Well-Being Specialists (CO² cabin for vascular treatment).

In our Clinic you can find the traditional, centuries-old European medicine combined with the knowledge of the traditional Chinese therapy, with several thousand years of experience.

We believe that you can profit from our broad therapeutic and preventive services, in order to maintain or get back the most precious: your health!
Our patients are supported by highly skilled doctors, therapists in a friendly and confidential atmosphere with the high-tech support provided by the management.

And an appointment please contact us on +36 (87) 580-730's phone number or e-mail address info@naturmedfured.hu.




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